Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still in the industry?
No, I stopped performing in 2016.

Will you come back to the business? Why not?
No, I was in the business for over thirteen years and left in 2016 with no intention of returning. I did my time and am grateful for all that I accomplished, but 13 years is a very long time. I knew that I was not going to do it forever. That being said, I have had several incredible jobs and opportunities since I left and am currently back in school, studying Psychology.

Do you have an OnlyFans?
No, it’s been deactivated for a few years now, and I do not intend on reactivating it.

Do you “meet” with fans in private?
No, I do not do any privates of any kind.

Are you single?

Who is Frankie Rae?
My real name is Frankie, so I decided to re-brand my Twitch channel in order to separate it from Annie Cruz.